Who is Mister Crawler?

Putting it simple, Mister Crawler is my alter ego, the character who lives the secret part of my life and probably the funniest.

I have a steady professional, familiar and social life. Concerning my professional activities, I develop worldwide contacts and I travel to a foreign country at least once a month. This leaves great space to engage in adventures with locals every time I travel, but a careless behavior can lead to problems with my family and image risks before my friends, colleagues and business contacts.

Along the years I tried several ways of meeting and picking up girls and I developed my skills learning from the good and not so good decisions that I made. Despite the excitement, discretion and safety have always been an important part of the plan.

This is what this blog is all about. Here, under the cover of my secret identity Mister Crawler, I share my learned lessons and experiences: the method and the action.

Mister Crawler

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