The Internet vs old school techniques

We are all aware of how great James Bond is: this guy always finds a hot girl to spend a couple of hours having fun, regardless of the place he is. He seems to be beaten only by those muscled porno movies stallions that can get a girl on her knees just with a glimpse of an eye and a naughty smile.

The bad news is that this doesn’t happen in the real world, no matter how attractive you are. This doesn’t mean it is impossible, but it won’t happen every day and everywhere. Old school techniques can be very rewarding and ego feeding in case of success but there are some deal breakers on the kind of contacts I want and my availability:

  • I visit many different places for short time. This leaves no room to develop contacts with locals even if a “good places to go” list is prepared in advance.
  • Using my local professional contacts to get to know the places will lead the extent of professional meetings or, even worse, will stick my image to an unprofessional conduct.
  • Relationships developed under the natural laws of life will most likely lead to emotional involvement. This is completely out of the question as there are third parties involved.

So, what about the Internet? Well, the Internet is out there to help on many tasks and picking up girls is no exception. There is a wide offer of websites that will help us on our achievements, some of them free, others require a paid subscription. Usually, users are required to create an account and after logging on they can post their profiles and navigate through other user’s profiles.

This Internet based catalogue offers many advantages over the traditional methods, namely:

  • Easy access: you can interact with other users virtually  from everywhere at any time.
  • Matching of interests: when you find a girl registered on this kind of websites, she is up to something. Of course, her interests may not be the same as yours, it’s up to you to find that.
  • The levels of privacy can stay on a level of comfort before moving on to a more physical approach.

As you probably heard before, there are a lot of scams based on the Internet, trying to take advantage of careless behaviors. Use it at your own risk and if in doubt, play safe 🙂

Who is Mister Crawler?

Putting it simple, Mister Crawler is my alter ego, the character who lives the secret part of my life and probably the funniest.

I have a steady professional, familiar and social life. Concerning my professional activities, I develop worldwide contacts and I travel to a foreign country at least once a month. This leaves great space to engage in adventures with locals every time I travel, but a careless behavior can lead to problems with my family and image risks before my friends, colleagues and business contacts.

Along the years I tried several ways of meeting and picking up girls and I developed my skills learning from the good and not so good decisions that I made. Despite the excitement, discretion and safety have always been an important part of the plan.

This is what this blog is all about. Here, under the cover of my secret identity Mister Crawler, I share my learned lessons and experiences: the method and the action.

Mister Crawler